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Sunday, 22 January 2012

No tweets or birds either

I have had absolutely no Tweets today, has Twitter gone down today or is it a problem with my phone I have no idea? Not sure how to rectify this problem, either, so I won't be doing any tweets if I find anything, as it probably won't reach anyone either.

So going out "blind" back at Oulton Broad, from Pets Corner, a Kingfisher flew away from its perch on a moored boat. Again the wind was very strong blowing from the west making birding difficult. I failed to see yet again the now near mythical Goosander at Oulton Broad, the Wood Duck was showing well resting on the side of a rowing boat, when the sun eventually came out. I checked the along from the Bouleevard and Lake Lothing too but again nothing. Nothing on Carlton Marshes either.
I also had a look at Riverside road and Asda overlooking the river and all I saw was a Cormorant and a diving Little Grebe. Nothing in Hamilton Dock either.
At Ness Point by the rocky ledge by the compass, 8 Purple Sandpipers fed close in, but in appalling light. They later flew north and 4 were asleep on a rock jutting upwards along the northern tip of Ness Point.
I also checked Links road car park but they were no birds on there either.

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