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Friday, 13 January 2012

High Arctic Visitor

On Thursday 12th January, whilst putting the bins out at 11.30pm I could hear the cries of a Fox calling from directly west of the Close.

Finally well enough for an early morning visit, I saw the excellent adult Iceland Gull this morning on Friday 13th January, viewed from the top level bar one of Battery Green car park, parking along the free car parking spaces by the police station and walking across. This denizen of the high Arctic was seen before work, flying around Waveney Dock, a stunning bird all white with light grey upperparts and a "light brown shawl" on the upper breast, the bird was seen from around 7.40am to 8.10am (when I had to leave for work. It flew around the dock, even settling for a time (out of view) presumably on the ground right in front of the fish market. I never did see the bird perched, but I had good views of it flying around the dock, around the far eastern wall. As a ship slowly cruised across, the Iceland Gull was then flying around the middle of the dock and looked for the world if the ship's skipper was a birder and even manoeuvring it for a better view, what I would have given to been on board with my camera and lens! The bird was flying right over into Hamilton Dock on several occasions and was even seen flying almost over to the South Pier area too.
Driving over to Martham again, I saw a male Goldeneye on Rollesby Broad as I drove past slowly again.

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