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Friday, 19 June 2015

Hummer back at no.6

On Saturday 13th June at 7.25am and 2.20pm I briefly saw a wonderful Hummingbird Hawl Moth in feeding flight feeding off the Red Valerian plants which can be seen just outside our kitchen windoww, rgrtably the visits were short 2 mins and 1 min respectively, retrieving the camera first time without batteries as the Lithium batteries have to be carried in the hold when travelling by plane these days and I was still dazed from travelling back from Sicily the previous day. On Tuesday 16th June my first Hummingbird Hawk Moth at work seen back of Hospital by Sandra Chapman Centre seen from Library feeding on Red Valerian 10.37- 10.41 in the morning. Thursday 18th June a Hummingbird Hawk Moth again feeding on Red Valerian in our back garden for all of 1 minute 7.25pm this evening also this evening, the Tawny Owls from Parkhill Hotel grounds very vocal tonight hooting and "kewick" calling constantly from 10pm onwards Friday 19th June after just arriving home from work at 5.25- 5.28pm and 5.30pm briefly a Hummingbird Hawk Moth was feeding again on the Red Valerian plants, a great welcome back home! Saturday 20th June, Hummingbird Hawk Moth again on Red Valerian in back garden 3.10- 3.11pm today and also 3.50-3.58 feeding on the Red Valerian in the front garden. One was again seen briefly at 5.59pm feeding on the Red Valerian plants in the back garden, and again 8,30 to 8.44pm again feeding on the Valerian plants in the back garden. On Saturday 27th June one was seen very briefly at 3pm and then it was back 8.04-8.10pm showing well. 9 visits in the garden to date!

Sicily Holiday: Birds, beasties & Montalbano's Sicily

A trip to Day 1: At the airport, several, 5 Italian Sparrows seen under the eaves of the airport building. On the Coach trip transfer from Catania airport just outside Catania industrial works on the edge of town was a big marshy area on one of the pylons was a massive nest complete with 2 White Storks standing atop. At the Eureka Palace hotel from walking from the coach to an ornate rectangular marbled pool of water, a Red- veined Darter perched on the marble surface. A coach stop at a service station revealed 2 Painted Ladies posing well on some ornate bushes. Walking out later outside the entrance gates was a portico, perched on the sunny leafy area was a male Italian Wall Lizard. Walking around the grounds a Marbled White seen briefly on a bush plus a Painted Lady butterfly. In the evening overlooking a horse race track we saw many c30 Spotless Starling fly into the stands roof plus several Swallows and a Red- rumped Swallow fly past too. Several, 8 Serins seen and especially heard around the pines of the hotel perimeter fence and 1 or 2 singing from bushes in the large car park beyond. Day 2: Before breakfast, a Fox seen on the racetrack. At Syracuse ancient Greco site by the theatre, a lighting rig revealed a male Italian Sparrow. In the historic baroque town of Noto, many screaming Swifts flew overhead. In the evening at the Hotel, the Italian Wall Lizard was seen again plus 2 other seen too. After dark 4 Moorish Geckos were seen by the entrance gate on the walls and the lighted tops, one posed briefly for the camera before scuttling off. A White Wagtail seen on the roof of the hotel Day 3: before breakfast, 2 Fox seen on the racetrack. A visit to the former fishing village of Marzamemi, on the outskirts, a marsh revealed 8 Black- winged Stilts, a fishing Common Tern and flying in over the harbour was a fine Caspian Tern that with big red bill flew right overhead and inland. Finally in the harbour a fine Auduouin's Gull flew around and dived and retrieved discarded fish from fishermen throwing away discarded fish scraps from their morning's catch. The "barn" in the village was a scene filmed for the "Inspector Montalbano" series.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

RB Shrike at Southwold

On Sunday 31st May, walking down to the flashes from the water tower at Southwold, I saw Paul & Jane F, always a good sign if you want to see the bird and where we were joined by Dave H, we soon saw the Red- backed Shrike, a striking male in full spring plumage seen distantly from a bush.

Saturday at Minsmere

Seeing Pete M, advising me to go to North Hide I saw a distant Red- necked Phalarope, a male, on the far side of the East scrape Bittern hide, packed saw a Bittern at the left side of the marsh but in a packed hide I couldn't get anywhere near it photographically.

Broad- billed sand?

Fri 23rd May Walking down to Tinkers Marsh triangular pool about a 3/4 mile walk, first people I saw said don't worry it's still there last people, its just flown off! Unbelievable. On the Marsh pool around 12 Dunlin and 3 Curlew Sandpipers, seen my fist for 4 years.

No show Little Bittern

Thursday at Lakenheath on the evening of 21st May, the Little Bittern heard virtually constantly but despite being there 4 hours it didn't show once, 2 Cuckoos seen in flight however.