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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Med Gull & Hawkers

On Wednesday 20th July, a stunning adult summer plumaged Mediterranean Gull flew over the north mound car park at James Paget Hospital at 3.40pm plus a little later in the garden an equally stunning male Southern Hawker alighted on sunlight vegetation behind the wildlife pond, as I rushed to get the camera I inadvertently disturbed a Brown Hawker resting on th wooden Pagoda. Needless to say when i returned with my camera the Southern Hawker had gone!

Monday, 18 July 2016

Now 2 Brown Hawkers in the garden

On Monday 18th July, first 1 and the 2 Brown Hawkers were seen at rest by the wooden pagoda on a very sunny and hot evening in the garden. Before I could even focus on them they both flew off. However, 1 Brown Hawker returned on the end of a vertical beam on the roof part of the pagoda and showed well and posed nicely for the camera. Also around 5 Digger wasps regularly visiting holes near the top of the south east wooden corner pole.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Brown Hawker in the garden

On Sunday 17th July, a Brown Hawker was lingering in the garden today in active feeding flight this afternoon and resting high up in the Cherry tree. Speckled Wood and Large White butterflies also seen.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Bluethroat at Ness Point

On Sunday 23rd June, I had got up at 4.30am left at 5.30am and by 9.15am I was back home in Lowestoft. Good thing too as news was tweeted out by Rob Win not long after that he had found a female Bluethroat at Ness Point. Parking by the southern most ramp of the sea wall and with Rob, Andrew & Rob Will all looking my way I carefully circled around talking on the sea wall to join them. The bird had been in the tamarisks but was favouring a small bushy area of Tamarisk just north of there. Then suddenly it appeared, the fine female Bluethroat.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Rainbow Rising again at the NEC Birmingham

Tickets for this concert when they first went up for sale were like Gold dust and sold out in seconds. Fortunately I was able to obtain one on a resale site at a vastly inflated 3 figure sum. Saturgay 25th June saw me at the Birmingham Genting Arena at the NEC. You could tell it was a sell out as masses of people everywhere. The merchandise stall we had to scrum for some 20 minutes but I did eventually get my tee shirt. My seat was about 1/3 of the way back on what might have been a former standing area. At 9.40pm, land of hope and glory started, the the familiar sounds of Judy Garland from the Wizard of Oz and "being over the rainbow, rainbow, rainbow ..."and we were straight into Deep P{purple's "Highway Star". The 71 year old Ritchie Blackmore played a blinder, his first rock concert in the UK for 19 years. he'd obviously relearnt all the solos and played well if a little slower than when he was on in his prime. There were many highlights, my favourites were "Catch the Rainbow", "Man on the Silver Mountain" and a majestic "Stargazer", unsurprisingly all from classic Dio-era rainbow. The singer Ronnie Romero, originally from Chile was a revelation, a great find and his rasping vocal delivery did justice to all the songs. As Ritchie said "truly a cross between Ronnie Dio and Freddie Mercury". Jens Johansson on Keyboards was good but the rhythm section of Bob Curiano and David Keith (both former/ current members of Blackmore's Night) were OK but could have been a lot tighter. They finished off with a majestic Burn and then the obligatory 'Smoke'.

Caspian Tern in the wet at Breydon

On Friday 24th June, early morning lovely to hear a loud singing Song Thrush either in the garden or just outside it. I was tired after a long day at work and looked at twitter and saw there was a Caspian Tern on Breydon! Half an hour later I was getting out of the car at the Herbert Barnes south side of Breydon. I got totally drenched as the heavens opened. Within 10 minutes the rain had stopped and I got out of the car. No one about, so I scanned after 2 minutes I picked up the obvious Black- headed Gull sized fine Caspian Tern on Breydon over the far side but obvious with a big red bill. Later I was joined by Norfolk photographer Rob Wils and his wife, plus good to see Jeremy G. The bird spent most of its time standing there. It moved around from being side on to back on. Then suddenly it flew south and was flying over Bugh castle and appeared to be flying towards the coast at Gorleston, it was definitely seen over Watsonian Suffolk and Lizardland, result!!! Is this a Lizard tick for me, I think it is! Scanning for 20 minutes after we found it back in the same place on the mud! Somehow it had flown back without us picking it up! Early morning Saturday the Song Thrush was still singing from the garden. Jenny saw a Hummingbird Hawk Moth mid afternoon in the heat of sun feeding on the Red Valerian in the back garden just beyond the Kitchen window. On Tues 28th June, again after work i saw it on the mud the far side not far from the Lumps viewing from Asda this time.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Great Dip

Very disappointing to dip on the Great Knot on practically the only day it wasn't at Titchwell On Saturday 18th June, A A very early start for a trip to Titchwell to see the GK with Paul & Jane F. Unfortunately we didn't see it as it was only there for some ten minutes. Saw several 1000 Knot on th beach and c1000 flew onto the freshwater marsh with several fine sp individuals c5. Also on the reserve was a fine dusky sp Spotted Redshank, many Black- tailed Godwits, 3 wp Bar- tailed Godwits, several close Avocets and Gadwall and a pair of red- crested Pochards on one of the islands. Didn't spot any PGP on the brackish marsh either, although had looked there perhaps it hadn't flown in as we left about 4pm.(apart from 10 minutes in the morning) I knew probably wouldn't get another chance as I was tied up for the next few weekends. On a much better note, I was able to Norfolk tick a fine sole Lizard Orchid.