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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Rogue Kingfisher!

Sunday 14 September, 2 Wheatear down Hamilton road on waste ground just N of road, 1 Wheatear on sea wall and then rocks at Ness Pt. At Net posts, a Wheatear on grass and amazingly a Kingfisher heard and then seen flying north over sea wall then headed west over the net posts and my head and appeared to go South again over Whapload road!


On Sat 6 Sept at Benacre sluice, a Wryneck not seen briefly for 7 sec but wait it after 3 hours showed quite well feeding in grass just south off copse by Pit. Up to 4 Hobby flew overhead calling soaring just over our heads, 2 Buzzard also and 10 Wheatear seen here too.

Track to Radar Lodge

On Wednesday 3rd September, after work at a very sunny track along Radar Lodge, together with Danny P, a Spotted Flycatcher perched at the side of some trees and tall weeds either side of the track ahead. A more elusive Pied Flycatche was seen around the Sycamores & Whimbrel heard too.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Elusive Critters!

A before work visit to Corton OSW on Friday 29th August failed to reveal any birds hardly surprising when I only had 10 minutes! Another visit at lunchtime was more successful and dead on 12 noon, I could see bird as soon as I got there, the excellent juvenile Red- backed Shrike perched on the north - eastern end of the wires. It perched here for all of 1 minute, before it disappeared and I could not refine it despite much searching. A Whinchat flew from the compound and disappeared in the middle of the beet field again never to be seen again. An evening trip to Southwold old Sewage works was disappointing, a great spot but in a 2 and a half hour vigil, no sign of the Greenish, a really elusive bird and not seen since 5.20pm apparently, (I arrived soon after) whatsoever by me, although a bird that flew across the path and into a tree late on, looked interesting but we couldn't relocate it. Best bird seen was a Swift that flew past us and west and several 5 Chiff- Chaffs. A fine Southern Hawker patrolled the pathway and flew around me curiously, also flying around were 20 Migrant Hawkers continuing their recent influx.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Pied Fly saves the day!

Corton was devoid of any migrant birds, this afternoon, Wednesday 27th August, by the sewage pond a mating pair of Migrant Hawkers all curled up on a tree branch would have made a stunning shot had I had my camera. an immature Green Woodpecker seen, a Blue & Speckled Wood butterflies and loads of Migrant Hawkers. Good to bump into Chris M & Peter N. We decided to look for the Pied Flys found by James at Gunton. By the Dip Farm Football pitch in the north- east corner flycatching and flitting about in a Hawthorne bush exactly as James described, I first saw the Pied Flycatcher fly out and then back into the bush after Peter N had whistled us over after he had refund it. I next saw it perched at the back of the bush showing the white in the wing. It then flycatcher and then perched so its head could be seen well and then the whole bird was seen out in the open briefly before it flew left top a Holm Oak and out of sight. A Robin, Chaffinch were also in or around this bush and we were joined by Nick B and then an immature Green Woodpecker flew to the edge of the field by the fence too. Several Migrant Hawkers were seen here too. A look around Gunton warren revealed the usual dubious characters but sadly no birds.

Garden Visitors

Over the Bank Holiday weekend we made the best of the appalling weather, 2 Chiff- Chaff were seen around the back of the garden and just over the fence, a male Migrant Hawker was seen on the rare occasions flitting around it wasn't raining and on Monday a juvenile Herring Gull got forced down into the garden with the heavy rain and when the rain abated it didn't appear to want to leave the garden, Cosmo, our cat, didn't know what to make of it either and I herded the Gull sheep dog style (stressing it a little as it vomited twice a horrible bread mixture!) down the passageway and to the front garden and onto the road, I stayed with it until it decided to run down the road and finally launch itself into the air and freedom!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

More Waders at Carlton Marshes

On a sunny but windy evening, I made my way up to Carlon Marshes Scrape on Sunday 17th August, 3 later 4 Swifts (on the way back) were seen flying low above the track half way along giving great views of a summer migrant just about to depart for far away shores. Over looking the scrape, I saw very few waders initially, a close Greenshank, 5 Dunlin then the 3 immature Little Ringed Plovers seen plus 2 speckily backed Wood Sandpipers seen and possibly a third bird. A few 5 Sand Martins were seen flying over th scrape as well as 1 House Martin. Walking back the female Marsh Harrier seen flying away and the 4 Swifts were hawking low above the track on the way back.