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Sunday, 10 June 2018

Great Raft Spider at Carlton Marshes

I managed to see a Great Raft Spider just east of the wooden bridge, on the far side of the dyke just past a tunnel inroad over at the far end, it was just right of his under 3 leaves rest on a lilypad, at Carlton Marshes thanks to a couple who pointed it out to me.

Frog Orchids in deepest Suffolk

On the early evening of Saturday 9th June, had great difficulty initially but with Jane F's help finally located first 1 then 2, the another 2 (within 5 metres of the bush and 4 further ones by the side of the path including one large individually flowering beautifully, so 8 Frog Orchids seen at usual site in deepest Suffolk. Quite a few Pyramidial Orchids just starting to flower too and several Orchids well past, which may have been early Purples? Later on at Bungay, a Cuckoo heard over the road from the meadow but I didn't hear the Corncrake calling between 8.55 and 9.15pm

Corncrake calling

On the night of June 7th the Corncrake near Bungay was calling constantly from 10.40pm it was calling and was located just over the border in Norfolk, but could be heard in both counties- Norfolk & Suffolk.

Large Yellow Underwing

A newly emerged Large Yellow Underwing Moth was seen on the back lawn of the garden on Sun 3rd June.

Cuckoo calling

On 31st May, a fantastic Cuckoo heard calling from the house distant coming from the west at 5.40am!

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Man & Military Orchids in deepest Suffolk

Having been kindly given detailed direction for the only known colony of Man Orchids, I ventured deep into my home county of Suffolk to photograph them. Parking opposite, I walked up the road and they were immediately spotted on the right roadside verge (where a sign was up showing roadside nature reserve) in 2 groups one group comprising with 39 plants and a few yards further along, 20 further plants with a single tall plant spike on the opposite left hand side of the road. All the plants save for one, had finished flowering, so I concentrated on the single flowering plant, which was in the shade a little so a little fill-in flash was required to illuminate this fine subject. I then drove to the second ride 306, to go to the Rex Graham reserve and was incredibly fortunate to see 2 ladies from the Friends of Thetford Forest Flora group who were there to count the number of spikes and they very kindly drove me down top the locked cage where all the plants were and I had the incredible good fortunate to have the plants to myself photographing them from the boardwalk. Numbers appeared the same as in my previous visits but it was immediately apparent there were a lot more Common Twayblade spikes.

2 Marsh Warblers in Lowestoft

On Monday 28th May 1 Marsh Warbler heard half way down Gunton ORT, viewing from the western most field. It sang after half an hour with several bursts of song showcasing its wonderful mimicry including Blackbird, Swallow. a Marsh Warbler heard and seen perched briefly on top of a bramble Lowestoft North Denes Links road car park plus a Hobby, spotted by the ever sharp Richard S, flew straight over us flying south.