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Monday, 26 September 2016

Chiff- Chaff & Crickets in the garden

With so little on patch this autumn, it was really nice on Sunday 25th September, to watch a Chiff- Chaff hanging around in the garden for several hours and coming down to the fish pond for both a drink and a bathe. In the evening 7 House Martins flew around and circled overhead plus 15 Linnets flew west. On Monday September 26th evening up to what I think are 3 Roesel's Bush Crickets heard, including one seen, too.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

2 Darters

In the garden today Saturday 24th September 2 Common Darters both male, one on the washing line and very wary one on the lawn at the back quickly flew when I approached!

Friday, 23 September 2016

Little about!

On Thursday 22nd September, 3 House Martin over the front garden in the early evening. Friday Had a look around Corton MOD track (1 Darter seen in flight), and Corton OSW. Nothing seen save for 30 Rats on the mound at the latter and Green Woodpecker heard.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Little on patch

Woke up with a thumping headache, but eventually out in the field by mid afternoon, I checked the patch for yesterday's migrants but they'd all gone save for 1 Wheatear seen at the net posts. It was using the posts to hunt for food, making frequent forays to fly down and catch and devour some unfortunate insect. At Ness Point, I could see a Guillemot on the water close by between the 1st and 2nd groins immediately north of Ness Point. I walked along the wall and managed to get some shots, as it swam steadily north. It was always within a metre or two of the end of the wreck of the old sea wall, now completely uncovered exposed at this very low ebbtide. Ringing Andrew E, he joined me and spotted 10 Brent Geese flying north in a linear line, low over the sea. At 6.40pm, receiving Rob's tweet, I jumped into the car and parked at nearby Baker's score (the scene of so many a frustrating autumnal seawatch, where often I never see anything; but this all changes in winter, where I usually do much better with the passing seabirds!) I walked down the hedgerow running south of the Corton allotments and clearly heard the sharp "tseoopp" call of the Yellow- browed Warbler from within the vicinity of the Vicarage garden, alas no further sign of it, on further investigation though.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Early dawn Dunlin

An early start round the patch today, Corton OSW, Netposts and Ness point bushes plus the Parks all were devoid of migrants but an adult Dunlin moulting into winter plumage was reasonably confiding as it fed with 5 Turnstone along the northern walkway at Ness Point, which I photo's after seeing Maurice B. 30 Gannets seen in total flying past and out out to sea off Ness Point (a good swatch for me as I usually seeing nothing). I had family commitments for the rest of the day and was too early for the migrants that frustratingly, for me, arrived at all these localities in the afternoon (and were gone the next day!).

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Hard work at Corton

Before work at Corton OSW on Thursday 15th September, the ringers had beaten me to it and were within the SW compound, 15 Meadow Pipits flew from the compound east and into the field, one was caught in the mist net and Derek was quickly on the scene to process it. Nothing at Radar Lodge track first thing. After work I tried Radar Lodge track again nothing for me, at Corton OSW the mound just south of the OSw was crawling with rats I counted at least 20! Meanwhile, a Whinchat was perched on the wire fence.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Osprey on Blythburgh estuary & Willow Emeralds at Corton

Back home on Saturday 10th Sept, 2 Chiff- Chaffs were heard singing in the garden. On Sunday, a really pleasant trip down to Blythburgh estuary led to me instantly seeing 1 of the Ospreys hunting over the far eastern side of the estuary. Dave H was there too. I looked out upon the estuary 1 then 2 elegant Curlew Sandpipers were feeding out on the mud at the back near the wooden posts sticking up. There bodies were more elongated, slimmer and whiter below with a peachy buff wash on the flanks, Of course they had longer down curved bills. When the Dunlin flew, 3 of the waders sported white rumps proving there were indeed 3 Curlew Sandpipers (no they weren't White- rumped Sands!!) They flew into a dip behind a group of around 15 Dunlin. One of their number included a much taller wp Spotted Redshank seen too. In the afternoon, a look at Corton New SW, revealed a very well marked bright male Migrant Hawker which was seen briefly, but it wouldn't pose at all for the camera. A male Common Darter did though, and also up to 7 Willow Emeralds obliged too, these green iridescent bejewelled insects posed on foliage around the outflow pond area and wooden walkway. 2 amorous S Southern Hawkers were mating and were interlocked 'inflagrento' as they flew together. Averting my gaze, I was approaching the south wood, when suddenly 3 Buzzard (all Common) flew abruptly out of the edge of the wood and flew up and south.