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Sunday, 5 July 2020

Med Gull Little Owl & Dropwort

On Thursday a Mediterranean Gull heard over the garden 59th on the lockdown list. on Sunday 5th July, a fine Little Owl was seen at a local churchyard, on a very windy day, no sign within but checking various Oaks there was one on the outer perimeter of the churchyard in the north- east corner and one was seen perched out at long range briefly. My first for almost 2 years, the last I saw in September 2017 when they still used the run down building as a breeding site, and was pulled down to make way for the new visitors centre at Carlton Marshes. I am withholding the exact location of where I saw today's Little Owl as I have seen toggers hassle this species (at Lound) and they disappeared for ever from what was a traditional site for them. Other traditional sites around Lowestoft have drawn a blank over the past couple of years so this is a precious new area to see them. Having received direction of Small flowered dropworts at Gorleston, I easily found them and managed a few record shots of this diminutive species which was flowering in several clumps in an area south-west corner of a local landmark.

Saturday, 27 June 2020

Whitethroat & Swifts

On Saturday 27th June, the Whitethroat tenaciously clings on at Fallowfields around the 10 metre strip left untouched for noe by the developers it was and occasionally singing from our Copper Beech tree, later on a nice flock of 25 Swifts was seen flying low over the house and south.

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

More goodies in the garden

At 5.50am this morning Tuesday 23rd June, a Common Gull flew west over the garden (new lockdown list no.58) and the male Whitethroat was still singing just over the back. At 3.30pm, a Meadow Brown paid a brief in flight view of the garden flying north and south back over the garden fence over to Fallowfields building site.

Monday, 22 June 2020

Kessingland Eider & Terns

On Monday 22nd June, Jane F kindly told me exactly where the Male Eider was on Kessingland beach and at around 3.30pm, Jenny I drove down to Kessingland and walked out to the North beach area and just north of the shoreside pool, there were 2 roped off areas with plenty of Little Terns, c.150 present. The fine male Eider was along on the shoreline just 50 yards north of here and I managed to get quite a few pics of this obliging bird.

Early morning

On Monday 22nd June, at 6.20am a fine Treecreeper crept up the main trunk of our middle tree at the back of the garden. Only the second ever garden record and lockdown species no.57. Meanwhile the Whitethroat was still singing just over the fence on a small strip of grass and bushes mercifully spared for now by the builders. The fine male Whitethroat even flew to the top of our Copper Beech tree and started singing reprising its former favoured song perch.

Sunday, 21 June 2020

Ringlet & Pale Spotted Orchid

On Sunday 21st June still recovering from tiredness, at least I was able to enjoy a very brief Ringlet butterfly in the back garden central flower bed at 2.40pm although it sadly flew over to Fallowfields. The 2 Spotted Orchids flowering at the wooded back of the garden included a fine pure pale Spotted Orchid, which has naturally sprung up in the garden, I will do all I can to encourage them to flourish. The other 5 Southern Marsh Orchids naturally flowering in the garden (the last of the Fallowfields thousands of Orchids, which were destroyed in the name of "progress") continue to thrive, although I am awaiting 3 plants to flower. Really weird that 4 of them have sprung up in large pots when Jenny took soil from the central flowerbed, a few years ago. Old faithful has sprung up again for its sixth year. Again 15 Frogs seen around the fishpond today.

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

A creche of Starlings!

On Wednesday 17th June at 7.50am, as I was leaving for work, I was delighted to see a creche of 12 juvenile Starlings feeding on the front lawn together with an adult Starling before they flew off in north-east direction. (No sign of a Rosy Pastor with them yet but I am keeping an eye out)! At 5.20pm, a male Chaffinch (sadly a rare visitor since the building work started) seen in the middle tree at the back of the garden.