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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Goosander (at last!) and Velvet Scoter

Luckily, I checked the computer (still receiving no tweet and I am mystified as to the problem??) and there were several tweets, the first was (13 minutes ago) saying the Goosander was back on Oulton Broad, I raced over there and parking at Pets corner, I looked around and I couldn't see any sawbills, but as I wandered around the channel by the moored boats there it was at last, the female Goosander. Setting the camera up quickly I fired off a few shots but the light and wind weren't making things easy, the bird was preening and then restful, but then she decided enough was enough and she swam under the jetty and over to the next channel that was only viewable though a 6 foot tall wooden fence. Photography was going to be tricky. She reared up and flapped her wings a few times and a boat owner walking along the wooden jetty (sadly locked and not accessible) didn't alarm her too much.

I left soon after and remembering the second tweet on the computer I drove to Great Yarmouth and parking at the end of Blackfriars road, was soon taking the path to the beach along the southern edge of the Pleasure beach at Great Yarmouth, I joined Dick W by the water's edge and scoped the wonderful female Velvet Scoter with white wing clip on her dark black body, pale circle area on the head and orange based bill, she was around 100 yards away. On one occasion she caught a shellfish shook it about and eventually swallowed it whole creating a bulge in her throat, i just hope it doesn't give her indigestion. My slightly embarrasing lack of Med Gull sightings for 2012 were soon rectified when an adult, a fine immature bird flew past going north, whilst finally 10 birds, Mediterranean Gulls congregated on the beach, most were winter adults but 1 immature bird seen also. We were also joined by Paul W who briefed us on his latest birding adventures.
UPDATE: 23/1 Twitter now working again for me, I changed my settings and transferred the SIM card to a better mobile phone.

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