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Sunday, 9 October 2016

The migrantfest continues around Lowestoft today!

Starting at the North Denes, after yet more rain, it was nice to see Neville S briefly who went for the Ybw behind the Oval, I followed Craig & Danny P the digiscoping boys, we saw the fine Great Grey Shrike hunting for food from the top of dry Alexander stems, sadly it soon disappeared after a dog walker went past. I decided to check Gunton, and hoping i would see 1 or both of James's Mealy Redpolls. No sign of the one by the footballers carpark. On the ORT, I saw 3 Redwings, a fine male Blackcap in a bush and heard 2 Bramblings and their rasping call flying over the track and west. Further down the track, a male Ring Ouzel seen briefly gorging on Mountain Ash berries its cream crescent before it flew off. Down at the far northern end, in the tree shrouded part of the track, amongst 15 Goldcrests a very vocal Yellow- browed Warbler first heard (at times called about 24 X!) and seen at 11.40am as always hyperactive seen at the crown of the tree and also lower down behind some tree trunks. I saw it well briefly, on at least 7 occasions, noting with the cream super cilia wing bars and silky white underparts all clearly noted. After a spot of lunch at home I travelled to Oulton Broad and was pleased to see the Slavonian Grebe was really close but as I was setting up my camera 2 boats came in and moored at the jetty forcing the bird to swim strongly right to the southern end of the basin. However as I walked south along the wall, the bird was seen reasonably close down to around 35 feet at 1.15pm, it was reasonably still in this area, preening and I managed to get some pics but in differing light. As I walked back, a Common Sandpiper flew up and left. Following a text mid afternoon by Rob Win, I travelled back to the North denies and walking from the Oval where I saw a Wheatear, the Great Grey Shrike was showing well on north section of North Denes, flying and perching on an Alexander plant not far from the western most main path by the slope where I got some shots. With OFB coming over we walked back and managed to get some more shots as it perched up in another Alexander, catching some beetles. Later we were joined by Andrew and more shots followed, before it started to cloud over. I left it 4.10pm. No sign of the Ouzel at rembrandt Close for me at least. Drawing up at the drive 3 calling Redwings flew west over the garden. Following a tweet from Andrew E, I joined regular correspondent, Paul W and Nick B, hearing regular calling Ybw's led to us eventually seeing 2 fine individuals together in a Sallow bush plus a Chiff- Chaff and 5 LT Tits and a Great Tit, with one calling from further away at the same time I saw these 2 I can say I definite recorded at least 3+ Yellow- browed Warblers in Gunton wood, Lowestoft at 6pm. It was now starting to rain heavily.


Shipmate127 said...

20+ redwings in our North Lowestoft garden on a daily basis - see

Peter Ransome said...

Fantastic, you're very fortunate to have 20+ Redwing on a daily basis. We once had 4 resident for around a week in hard weather with snow on the ground a few winters ago!