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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Adders & Garganeys

At Lound by the overhead wires, 2 Swallows were seen perched. On this brilliantly sunny day I couldn't resist another visit to the usual woods. I found 5 male Adders in total, 4 in the usual spot, all were males. 1 even slithered up the bush to look at me and I stepped back when it's face was only a foot away from my face! I missed the great shot but was playing it safe! A lemon yellow Brimstone butterfly flew past the path here. 3 Grass Snakes were seen here also plus a Vivaporous Lizard. At the bottom by the end pylon, literally just north of it, I heard a slithering sound (often a really good way to see Adders is to listen for them moving and wait for them to come out by a sunny spot) and a male Adder wriggled across the path. This time, I decided to stay put and he slithered past barely 2 foot from me and I got the shot! A Willow Warbler was also heard in the silver birch. Whilst a confiding Chiff- Chaff sang from the lower branches of a Pine right by the now traditional Adder site.

Back at Bure Park, Great Yarmouth the male Garganey swam out of the reed area very close to me but I had just arrived and the camera wasn't set up. I walked round and saw both the male & female Garganey that swam past me and left. A family was walking round and even decided to feed the ducks (but not the shy wild Garganey that swam quickly away) so I went back to my original spot and both the male & female Garganey were just left of me (behind them was a fine summer plumaged Little Grebe) and a newly arrived Peter A kindly guided them over to me.I managed to get some nice photos. Firstly of the female swam which towards me and disappeared into the reeds and then the male swam my way before swimming left again.


Terry said...

Love the profile photo - you look as if you are holding an imaginary drink!! :-)


Peter Ransome said...

Thanks Terry, the only digi picture i had of myself!