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Monday, 13 February 2012

Garden Song Thrush

The Song Thrush was seen perched in the middle tree at the back of our garden early morning and at lunchtime 1.10pm was seen in the tree again. It flew down and fed on some bread by the front western edge of the middle flowerbed, it seemed intrigued when I slowly opened the upstairs window and looked at me curiously as I fired off a few shots (just 6 metres away) of what has sadly become a rare sight in the garden, lets hope this leads to more sightings.


Paul Woolnough said...

You get far more birds in your garden than I do. During the cold weather there was an influx of song thrushes in East Anglian including 10 or so in trees at the end of my road one morning.

Gone now it has thawed.

Peter Ransome said...

Thanks Paul