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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Song Thrush again

The Song Thrush was in the garden again, at 8am; this time hunting at the back running to the right on characteristic short runs obviously hunting for food. The Thush then ran a little way towards the house on the western most flowerbed and spent some considerable time out of sight behind a bush, so much so that I had to leave at 8.40am to go to work. The Works Bargain Bookstore at Lowestoft now has 4 copies of "Collins Complete Guide to British Garden Wildlife" Photographic Guide at £4.99 each. Highly recommended! (there maybe copies at the Great Yarmouth store too).


Paul Woolnough said...

Song thrush singing at my works depot late this afternoon. Near airport.

Some days I work longer hours than others. Three Norfolk year ticks, during this working week, scaup Wroxham Broad. (7 miles from work and home!)

Mandarins at Felbrigg Lake and a bird easier in Lizardland purple sandpiper Sheringham. Three roosting on rocks at high tide - yes not moving at all but not photogenic either!

Peter Ransome said...

Great birds well done Paul.
Yet to see mandarins or Scaup this year.