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Monday, 9 May 2011

Another Suffolk Mega dipped

Bitter disappointment when en route to Minsmere late afternoon as I was forced to abort the planned trip, owing to the Audouin's Gull which had been since midday flying off at 16.20 hours.
Instead, I looked around the beaches of Lowestoft in the vain hope the bird had doubled back, it hadn't. I was lucky enough to finally get my May sighting of the Iceland Gull which was perched on the groyne 50 yards north of Link's Road car park, initially it was sitting and then it stood up and then sat down again. A fine bird looking a little whiter in plumage and a more two toned (dark- tipped bill) and dark eye.
Around 10 Kittiwakes flew south past Ness Point including one bird flying very close in over the defence rocks.


Paul Woolnough said...

No chance of getting this mega gull on a working day.

Never mind, I did see the stork fly over the river and become a Suffolk, never mind Lizard tick, on Saturday.

Got a lifer on Sunday: the Holme collared flycatcher. Oh to have seen the Lizard bird in 1985!

Peter Ransome said...

Thanks for the commiserations Paul, well done with the Stork and the Collared Flycatcher.
I was lucky enough to see the Collared Flycatcher in May 1985 drinking dew early morning from the grass of the Sparrow's Nest Bowling Green!