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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Victory in Forests Campaign

Today the "Coalition government" (surely a coalition is an alliance of all 3 major parties not 2!) for once has done something right for a change. They have abolished their crazy notion of selling off the Forests. Caroline Spelman, Tory minister for the Countryside said "I'm sorry, we got this one wrong!"
People power in this case has triumphed, as half a million of us signed the excellent 38 degrees petition which campaigned against the Sell off of the Forests.
But note both our local MP's Brandon Lewis (Tory MP) for Great Yarmouth and Peter Aldous (Tory MP), for Waveney, who are "supposed to represent their constituents views", both voted for the sell off of the Forests. Also note, Tory Waveney MP Peter Aldous is an advocate for the ludicrous and dangerous oil transfers between tankers just off the east Suffolk coast. This policy ominously increases the likelihood of a major oil spill off the Suffolk coast threatening our beaches and precious wildlife and indeed the local tourism industry.

Finally, the future is still uncertain for Waveney Forest which was sold off (surely we can push for this go back into public ownership with the Forestry Comission?) and a second application for a quarry, (despite the overwhelming opposition from locals throwing out the initial application), threatens this wonderful picturesque spot. The Forest is enjoyed by wildlife enthusiasts, dog walkers and families alike.

In the garden this afternoon, a Wren was seen and the Coal Tit was again feeding on the peanuts.

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