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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Bullfinches Again & Save Our Forests

I was delighted to see the pair of Bullfinches again in the same tree at the back of the garden from 8.38- 8.40am today. This time the female was at the front of the tree. But by the time I had retrieved my camera they were at the back and obscured by foliage. They hopped down to the bushes beyond where they disappeared.

The "Coalition" Government plans to sell off our Woodlands and Forest to private bidders/ companies, ie. all those forest formerly managed by the Forestry Commission.
If you haven't already joined the 38 degrees petition to "Save our Forests from Privatisation" 
I implore you all to do this asap (before Thursday) 
The web address is:

as they'll be dire consequences if they are privatised. 
For example, 
Waveney Forest which already in private hands has a planning application (again!) for a big quarry and the Forest/ habitat disappearing and becoming a great big pit/ quarry instead.
This would affect the wildlife in the woods plus the wildlife seen on the surrounding Haddiscoe/Chedgrave marshes too. Potentially this could mean no more Rough- legged Buzzards, no more Short- eared Owls, no more Hen Harriers and so on.
None of this would have happened if it was still in public ownership.

And just imagine the nightmare if the following were privatised...

Dunwich Forest becoming a vast caravan holiday park! No public access, no wildlife.

No public access at all to Rendlesham Forest which is purely managed for tree felling activities!

 If you disagree with any of these horrendous possibilities, that could happen if these forests go into private ownership, sign up today and stop it. I have also sent a letter to the local Waveney MP Peter Aldous, lets hope he listens to his constituents.

This ludicrous proposal by the "Coalition" Government must be stopped.

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