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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Garden Goodies

At 8.20am this morning, a Green Woodpecker perched half way on the closest branches of the middle tree, but as I passed by the window, it sadly flew off. At 8.40am, both Bullfinches (both male and female) were in the left hand tree- the Rowan/ Mountain Ash tree again feeding on the buds with the male favouring the front of the tree and even the Hebe bush in the garden nearby. The female again perched at the back of the Rowan tree.

I was very sad to hear of the recent very untimely death (from a heart attack) of Gary Moore at just 58, former guitarist with Thin Lizzy who played a mixture of music styles most notably hard rock and modern blues. A guitar virtuoso, who was at his best playing modern blues and hard rock, he reached his peak with the excellent 1990 modern Blues album "Still Got the Blues", which is still one of my favourites. I was fortunate enough to see him in concert at Ipswich Gaumont in 1985. I was planning to see him again, now it will never be, another great musician gone and a very, very sad loss.


純誼 said...

Hit Fm选去年十大专辑 周董入选 Hebe夺新势力
[日期:2011-02-09 14:10] 来源: 作者: [字体:大 中 小]

  中新网2月9日电 近日,Hit Fm电台选出2010年度10大推荐专辑,周杰伦的《跨时代》没有意外地继续入选;Hebe去年自S.H.E单飞后出专辑,获电台封为“乐坛新势力”。

   据台湾“苹果日报”报道,Hit Fm电台30名DJ共同选出2010年10大必听专辑,DJ丹尼斯说:“周杰伦除了维持一贯的周式嘻哈、中国风R&B外,融合京剧、蓝调、电子,仔细听真的不同。”

  Hebe单飞后首张专辑《TO HEBE》成绩也获肯定,Hit Fm节目经理王福怡表示:“Hebe将主流与非主流音乐融合,找到很好的平衡点,加上她独特田氏唱腔诠释,有不一样的味道。”“歌神”张学友《Private Corner》是唯一获选的粤语专辑。


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Peter Ransome said...

Thanks for your comment, its really great to get international feedback in Japanese (?), could you provide me with an English translation, please??