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Saturday, 12 April 2014

New arrivals and Dusky photographed at last!

After 7 separate attempts to photograph the Dusky Warbler, I finally managed to connect and get a reasonable shot. As I walked down Fisher Row, a Green Woodpecker flew to a tree trunk just right of the path and just past the entrance gate, whilst up to 3 Willow Warblers were singing from the bushes just west of the track (First for the year). Over the track, I heard a Grasshopper warbler reeling first for the year, 4 Blackcaps, 2 males and 2 females, were were either side of the path in scrub and a delightful Moorhen nest with 2 adults and 6 youngsters diverted my attention. A Chiff- Chaff seen at the Bowl. I walked up the path to the tea gardens and met Don & Gwen who had just had some very good views of the Dusky, but true to form he it had gone to ground again. However, after just a few minutes, we heard it "takking" again and after a fruitless search to locate it somewhere in the tea gardens wood, I eventually spotted the Dusky Warbler zipping about in a tree just behind the hawthorne and in the very loose company of a Chiff- Chaff bush where it sat for several minutes on a horizontal branch extending out oft from the main trunk of the tree about half way up (but not photographable) it then flitted round, visiting the hawthorne bush several times before it flew out just east of there. It perched for a few seconds right out in the open on a branch for a couple of seconds (long enough for me to get 2 pictures) one was good, albeit in poor light. Don & Gwen then left, I am very grateful for their help in locating this bird. The Dusky flew back into the hawthorne by the path and then flew across the path into the northern most dyke running adjacent to the path, where it flitted around and perched on the vegetation just about the waters surface, I saw it couple of times here through the binoculars before I lost it and finally heard it "takking" by a bush just north of the path. I didn't see it again. Another couple came up and try as I might, I couldn't re-find the bird, but I did hear a Sedge Warbler singing, another 2014 first.


James Emerson said...

Hi Peter. Did you know that there is an open day at Fox Fritillary Meadow on Saturday 19th? I think it is meant to be one of the best sites in the country for Snake's-head Fritillaries with thousands growing, but only open for one day a year.
Regards, James

Peter Ransome said...

Thanks James yes I did. Wasn't able to make that Open day, although as you can see Mickfield reserve yielded several hundred Fritillaries.