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Monday, 26 March 2012

Peregrine at the Cathedral

In Norwich today and walking into the cathedral courtyard I saw an excellent female Peregrine Falcon (quite a large bird) flying circling round way over my head and past behind the Cathedral spire at 1.20pm. A superb sight. Apparently one egg has been laid on the nesting platform installed by the Hawk and Owl Trust who also have a webcam so you can get regular updates on the lives of these magnificent birds. Lets hope we get a breeding pair at Lowestoft soon, we've got one/two birds so you never know.


Paul Woolnough said...

Have been tempted for some time to borrow a ladder, climb onto my roof and watch the peregrines. Would be a garden tick!

Peter Ransome said...

great idea!

newblogger said...

I’m a newbie and your accomplishment is quite a lot an inspiration for me.
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Peter Ransome said...

Hello Newblogger, glad you like the blog, getting out and seeing nature in all its forms and guises is truly inspirational!