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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Arrival of Chiff- Chaffs

Early this morning I drove over to Cantley, following a day of A/L, to try and get some better shots of the quartet of Ibis's. The 4 Glossy Ibis were in the usual field at the back of the flooded area and I joined Perry F and a newly arrived Robin C to watch the Ibis. They slowly walked our way first over to the right back side of the pool and then a quick hop and flight they flew over to our (left hand) side walking towards us and in front of the pool showing down to 30 metres. They were constantly feeding, one sported a silver ring on its legs O1N1. They mostly stayed together or divided into twos as they fed. Meanwhile a Peregrine Falcon flew over out heads and then south, then later it flew east directly over our heads too. Robin spotted a Buzzard flew west and a flock of 60 Curlews flew probably disturbed by the Peregrine. An overflying female Marsh Harrier again flying west was notably looked at by the Glossy Ibis as they tilted their head to get a better view. No sign of the Little Owls by the lane. early afternoon, I heard a Chiff- Chaff calling from Fallowfields and nice to see around 7 7-Spot Ladybirds around the backdoor outside. Whilst late afternoon checking Corton, I saw a newly arrivedChiff- Chaff singing his heart out calling from the mid point of a tall tree bordering Church farm and a second calling Chiff- Chaff in scrub just a few metres south west of the old sewage works. 3 Oystercatchers in the ploughed field north and east of the works were joined by 2 calling Oystercatchers, 5 in total which flew in from the north.


Paul Woolnough said...

Two Kessingland trips in March yielded a chiffy each time near Sewage Works.

Must get species in Norfolk soon.

Lunchtime bike ride around Whitlingham had eight. Six of these were males close to each other, presumably establishing territories

Peter Ransome said...

Always the harbinger of Spring!
Should have used that as the Blog post title!
Cheers Paul,