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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Carlton Marshes Great Grey

On Tuesday 27th March, I eventually got down to Carlton Marshes (having been at Norwich all day) and looking west of Spratt's water by the gate I failed to see the GGS that had apparently dropped down into a bush at 5.50pm. Walking back, 7 Fieldfare flew south chackling as they flew overhead. On Wednesday 28th March, a very early morning visit failed again to reveal the GGS either. But in the evening going down at 5.30pm, I saw Phil B along the lane by the Horse Paddocks. it wasn't there so carrying down to the car park, I walked out and saw Rob Wil and Matt from SWT near the gate. I then walked west to the gate overlooking 3 bushes bordering the southern section of the field. The excellent Great Grey Shrike was perched on top of the nearest bush. The only problem was you were looking almost directly into the sun to view so it was virtually silhouetted making photography difficult. It flew to other bushes and during the period of observation it frequently flew out and caught insects in mid air returning to the top of the bush and devouring its prey. A Short- eared Owl was also quartering the fields and showed reasonably well as did a Barn owl later on. 2 Snipe also flew over. On Thursday again no sign of the GGS early morning. by the horse paddocks by the railway on the western edge of Carlton marshes, I saw 26 Fieldfare and 3 redwing in a field.


Paul Woolnough said...

I've missed yet another Lizardland great grey shrike. To be fair most are during the week and the Carlton bird could be elusive. Did not go for the bird at all.

If you asked me a year ago what was my top of my Lizardland wanted tick list, I would have said Hume's Warbler. Suffolk and Lizard totals now three!

The best birding is often when no other birders are present. In February I year ticked the Lower Layham great grey shrike in south Suffolk because no one else had walked down the footpath the bird often showed from.

This only because the supposedly much easier to see Alton Water red-necked grebe was not about, ending my five grebes in a day attempt no sooner than I had started.

Peter Ransome said...

Its still there Paul, fingers crossed its stays for easter and shows well in good light!