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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Autumn goes on and on...

An early morning start with the sun rays dispersing the fog and lifting the temperature from a chilly 4 degrees. I walked down to Mariners score checking the top garden and the steps and saw very little but Phil J kindly appeared at the top of steps and beckoned me over to an area at the top of the steps looking south in a run down overgrown garden at the back of the buildings adjoining Lowestoft Old High Street.. Joining a small throng of birders, I didn't have long to wait before the Hume's Leaf Warbler could be seen flitting around in distant Sycamores and then it flew into back of the "garden" where it hopped about in an elder bush. The bird was a little more olivey than the "Crop Shop" bird but still greysh with a buff super and wing bars and darker cap, it flew to ivy bordering the garden wall and showed well here for a couple of minutes before flying back into the Sycamores at the back and eventually out of sight. Steve and I checked a few other area then I walked back to the car and decided to have a look in Arnolds Walk where it was great to have a chat with Robert Win, at the back of the walk near the top a Holly tree I saw a fine chestnut capped female Blackcap.
I am usually delighted to encounter any sort of wildlife but I had an experience early afternoon, that I could have done without! Going into the loft to get the Christmas decorations down, and whilst I was doing this I rested my arm on a bin bag and felt a sharp piercing stinging pain in my arm, feeling I'd been impaled by something sharp, instinctively, I withdrew my arm and then something flopped onto the floor beside me, a Wasp, I'd been stung! I thought I had killed it but when went back up it was crawling around near the hatch and this time I made no mistake in dispatching it, lets hope there's not any more up there!

This afternoon I walked out to Oulton Marshes, taking the path right at the bottom of the hill and walking round by the raised flood defence wall, I looked out over the flooded fields and saw a fine group of 28 White- fronted Geese, just beyond the dyke.
A fine adult male bird with thick black belly bands, flapped his wings and they seemed to be keeping themselves separate from a flock of 29 Canada Geese. I checked each bird carefully checking there weren't any Greylag, Pink- foot or Tundra/ Taiga Beans amongst them. The group were a little wary walking back a little way when a noisy family walked past.
Whilst driving back east along Sands Lane, I reached the junction to Cotswold Drive and a group of what I thought were Starling flew across low and north over the road, but at least one of them was definitely a fine Waxwing showing pale pinky- buff colouration, crest and yellow band on the base of a tail.
Marvellous! sadly, I couldn't relocate the Waxwing. I suspect it was just 1 Waxwing amongst a small group of Starlings.

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