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Monday, 26 September 2011

Return of the Fudge Duck

Receiving a BINS message at 5.50pm this evening and determined not to miss out (see Sunday's blog) I went staright out of the door and within 5 minutes was at Leathes Ham and incredibly OFB was already there!
I was soon watching the excellent male Ferruginous Duck asleep on the left hand side of the island. As usual a really smart bird with mahogany reddish brown plumage, white under the tail, a full set of wing feathers and definitely no ring on its right leg. Presumably last winter's returning bird and very welcome it was too.
Paul & Jane soon arrived and had good views too despite it briefly swimming behind the island it reurned and showed well.

Tried registering to this "Twitter thing" on the internet this evening, never used this "service" before but everybody, the media, Stephen Fry etc thinks this is the best thing since sliced bread.
I set up an account, registered my mobile, sent a text... got one back, fine but the service wouldn't let me follow anyone.
I've also heard other people couldn't register their mobile either (although this worked for me). I advise people about the internet and computing as part of my job, and set up this blog too, so I am not a technophobe, but I am distinctly not impressed with Twitter so far!!!

POSTSCRIPT: Thanks to Rob Wil I am now on Twitter and "tweeting" (apologies Twitter) apparently the fault lay with the AppleMac I use, better send a tweet to Steve Jobs and ask him (if he's well enough) to solve this problem and the problems of ghost thumb nail deletions on the iphoto file that I get occasionally, it took me 3 hours to resolve it on Sunday night!!

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