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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Little Gulls at Sizewell

Visiting Sizewell beach, Jenny & I saw 8 House Martins seen over the road just before the village of Sizewell, (right next door to Sizewell A & B Nuclear Power station) this afternoon, on this very sunny late summer's day, we were privileged to see several Little Gulls flying south.
We first saw an adult Little Gull sitting on the water just south of the closest water outlet rig
It then flew south. 
Walking north along the dunes, I then spotted 3 Little Gull (2 immatures and 1 adult)  flying south close in near the shore line.
I also checked out the slope bordering Sizewell B, albeit from the main path just in case there were any migrants, there weren't!
My suspicious attire (sweat shirt and shorts complete with binoculars and telescope on a fully extended tripod) attracted the attention of the local Police constabulary as a 4X4 Police vehicle drove north along the dunes towards me, slowing down as they drew alongside, I ignored it scanning out to sea and they slowly drove on and turned round at the end of the dunes (where it turns into beach) and sped off back! I can only assume the CCTV cameras on the perimeter of the Station had seen me and alerted them, although surely they must be used to birders around Sizewell by now!!

Back on the sea near the southern most water outlet rig, 1 adult and 1 immature Little Gull sat on the sea and then got up and eventually flew.
By the base of some Ragwort I photographed an interesting moth, I'll report back when I have checked the photo's against my Moth field guide.
Later on 3 further Little Gulls (this time 1 immature and 2 adults) flew south just along the tideline. I just missed photographing them when another Little Gull adult flew south.
I then witnessed several Little Gulls, 3 adults flying right over our heads and over the dunes flying south.
Later an adult and immature Little Gull flew over the dunes south. A further 2 adults flew south.
Finally another adult flew south right over our heads south and over the fishing boats moored up on the shingly beach, then it turned direction by flying north a few hundred yards and over our heads before it flew south again and eventually out of sight.
So 18 Little Gulls (14 adults and 4 immatures) were seen in total in the space of an hour and three- quarter vigil.
By the track opposite and just south of Blythburgh water tower, an incredible tally of 62 Red- legged Partridge were seen, around 14 on the track including 3 youngsters. A group of 8 RLP's were sand bathing at the side of the field whilst the rest were in the middle of the field. 5 Pheasant seen also.

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