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Sunday, 13 March 2011

North Denes quest

A thorough look around Lowestoft's North Denes yesterday Saturday 12 March, following another unsuccessful quest at Sotterley revealed the Iceland Gull on the third groyne south of the car park. A trio of bird photographers were on the beach and I scoured the Denes thoroughly for any sign of a Wheatear but failed miserably to see one. On the rocks of the old sea wall, a group of 4 Purple Sandpipers flew in before all flying to the area just east of the compass at the point. I then turned my attention to 2 Rock Pipit which flew in quite close on the rocks just to the right of me, before flying off again. By the compass at the Point, I counted 5 Purple Sandpipers and 16 Turnstone, whilst 2 elegant Kittiwake flew south close inshore. 
Walking back along the Denes, having checked both the Netposts and the Oval, I saw the 1st winter Iceland Gull flying its slow languid flight flying south in very good light, along the seawall, sadly I was 50 yards away on the Denes to take full photographic advantage. Back at the groynes near the car park, the Iceland Gull was seen initially on the third groyne, busy preening itself before flying south along the sea and then back again, where it settled on the 2nd groyne south of the car park at a slightly closer range. Finally a second spring Mediterranean Gull with 2 black wing markings near each the primary tip and a black hood (but with white around the base of it's bill) was seen wheeling around some fishermen on the beach just north of the end of Link's road.
Also a male House Sparrow on the far left fatball feeders at the end of the garden today, plus a Stock Dove that flew west over the garden towards Parkhill hotel grounds.


Colin Jacobs said...

Get there at Dawn and go to the small pond in the Dell to the right of the roadside style, I had up to six Hawfinches drinking from the pond edge.

Peter Ransome said...

Thanks Colin for the advice, I will try on Tuesday.