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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Help a Toad across...the Library Car park !?!

Returning to work at noon following TOIL for having to work this coming Saturday afternoon, I was told that a plastic watering can (that one of my Library colleagues, Jan, had brought in to water the vegetables we are growing in one corner) had a stowaway in it! A very welcome stowaway, a Common Toad! She had only been discovered when another colleague loading boxes into the garage had seen the watering can move of its own accord!
Looking into the plastic watering can, I could see the Toad was crouched in at the far end.
Very carefully taking her out, I judged the sex of the Common Toad to be a female, as she was very big around 15 cm long. She sat totally non-fussed by all the attention she received, and posed beautifully, barely moving before I took a few shots and we put her back safely and carefully within the watering can! 
Finally, at 5pm Jan drove home with both her watering can and her stowaway to repatriate them back into her garden!

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Tony nile life said...

Lovely shots he cold almost be a prince,