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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Bee Orchid

A delightful evening out (with places absolutely deserted and barely any traffic on the roads during the England World Cup match) revealed a male Sparrowhawk flying over Corton woods clutching a mouse or vole. Nearby, I discovered in the fading light, a Bee Orchid near a traditional site for the species (which had proved barren for this species over the last 2 years) and 3 spikes of Spotted Orchid just starting to flower.


Paul Woolnough said...

Nice shots!

Not anti-football but used a World Cup Saturday to finally get in Suffolk a bird seen many times and at many sites in Norfolk. Nightjar! Do not suppose anyone else has ever reached 300 without it. (313 actually).

Terry said...

Lovely shot, Peter. I can see how it got its name! said...

Hi Peter,

I know this is off the bee orchid topic, but I remember you commenting on this issue on an earlier blog and wondered if you'd heard the latest developments?

Hope you're well


Peter Ransome said...

Paul- Well done, where did you go Dunwich or Westleton?

Terry- Thanks, I've got better Bee Orchid shots but it was the best I could get on a cloudy evening!
Have a great time in China, there's some wonderful birds out there, sorry you are missing Scilly again!

Danny- Yes I heard the Sea Eagle re-introduction project in Suffolk was a victim of the "Coalition" government cuts. Really in 2 minds about them being re-introduced, I'd love to see them obviously, but the opposition of local farmers was virtually unanimous and I worried about how they would affect vulnerable rare breeders such as Bitterns, Avocets & Little Terns.

Paul Woolnough said...

Neither! Saw my nightjars in the Suffolk Brecks