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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Bark at the Moon!

On this clear almost full moonlit night from 10.20 to at least 10.30pm, we could clearly hear the shriek of the "vixen's scream" of a Fox from the back garden. The shriek of a vixen Red Fox was calling regularly and loudly from an area barely 200 yards away and I would say it was coming from the direction of Parkhill Hotel grounds. The shriek could be heard every 8 -10 seconds. I have only heard this shriek before called so regularly in summer at Fisher Row when the mother vixen Fox was calling her wandering cubs to her side in the woodland there. These calls to me, at this time of the year ie. December- February period clearly indicates that the local Foxes are in season and about to start their breeding season and maybe she is calling for her mate? 


Colin Jacobs said...

Yes Female Foxes and Dogs Foxes will be barking and breeding soon.
The warmer weather in winter can produced higher litters of cubs

Peter Ransome said...

Thanks for these comments Colin. I'm glad you agree as I'm not an expert on Foxes.