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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Great Northern again

On Saturday 30th January, the Great Northern Diver was again seen this side of the orange bouy at mid distance and it appeared to be heading closer, was it time to get the camera out? No! a passing boat heading south along Lake Lothing caused it to dive and the next time I saw it it was way in the distance beyond the orange bouy. 2 Little Grebe seen. The sun was shining directly in my eyes at Leathes Ham and there was nothing at Ness Point or Hamilton Dock when I looked.

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Urban_Explorer said...

Hi Peter,

I have spotted Norman Milburn's reply to your post on Bill Oddie Goes Wild. Did you manage to get copies of the four "Goes wild" series?

If so i would love to get hold of copies! Happy to cover costs / provide discs. Also have lots of other documentary series so if there's something you're after i may be able to help!

All the best! Byron.