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Sunday, 29 March 2015

No sign of Ring- necked Duck

Finding myself unexpectedly going past Loddon today, I called into Hardley Flood in the hope of seeing an RND but there was no sign of Ring- necked Duck at Hardley Flood. Not sure if "Hardley Staithe" is referring to this or the river where the boats are moored up (but that would seem an odd location for an RND- Phone was dead so couldn't ring anyone to check), mid afternoon, but I did see Cetti's Warbler fly into a low bramble bush and sing and it was seen moving around in the bush. 2 Pintail, a male and female seen on the water they then flew east. Walking down 14 Curlews seen in the field.

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James Emerson said...

You;ve probably checked now, but for info the bird has been on fishing pools near the staithe (walk along the west side of the staithe then follow the riverside path west to view) rather than Hardley Flood.