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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Plea for "Bill Oddie Goes Wild" BBCTV programmes

Has anyone got any episodes of "Bill Oddie Goes Wild" BBCTV wildlife programmes on VHS videotape or DVD? These were first broadcast between 2001 and 2003 and may well have been repeated since. These are absolutely fantastic programmes, brilliantly presented by Bill Oddie. As I am very keen to see these again. Some of the episodes I have are of either poor quality (there was sometimes very poor reception at my old address at Oulton Broad) and were contained on a VHS tape I had with 2 episodes has just snapped in the video player. There appears to be nowhere where I can get this tape repaired. I also cannot undo the plastic screws to try a DIY job myself. Does anyone know if these are repeated on a Sky satellite/ cable station and could these be recorded onto DVD for me, please? I am willing to pay money for the loan of any episodes you may have. I particularly want the episodes: Series 1: Speyside in Spring, Merseyside in early Spring, Dorset in late Spring Series 2: Scilly Isles, Dartmoor, London Series 3: Somerset Levels, A Voyage to St Kilda & Tyneside. Any help anyone can offer would be very gratefully received. UPDATE: Have just found 2 episodes Northumberland in Early Summer & Norfolk Broads. I have also located a professional tape repair and DVD transfer service in Loddon, charging very reasonable rates, so will use them. But I still am desperate for any of the above episodes.


CC18 said...


Found your post while searching for Birding with Bill Oddie episodes myself. These people seem to have copies:

If you do have copies, I'd love to get hold of at least one episode as my boyfriend is crazy about birds and would love to see an episode.

Please let me know if you have any luck at:

Thanks a lot,

SponDooley said...

Are you still looking for this series on VHS tape? I have just found an old VHS tape of Bill Oddie Goes Wild Series 3 lurking in my house (eight half-hour episodes). It seems to be in good condition, from what I've tested. Let me know if you're interested. I could put them on DVD for you in good quality, if you wanted. My VHS recorder is superb, and I own a really good hard drive/disc recorder.

Peter Ransome said...

Hello SponDooley,
Yes I would be really interested in obtaining Bill Oddie Goes Wild put on as XP or SP quality on DVD particularly episode 1 on Somerset, please could you get back in touch so we can arrange this.

Paul Ashley said...

I would love a DVD of this too. Would be happy to make an appropriate charity donation for a copy.

Norman Milburn said...

I have these on DVD. Not sure about the quality because they've been filed for a while. If the labels are correct I also have series 1 and 2 of "Birding with Bill Oddie". I'm happy to share them with the first person who offers to pass copies on in return for a small donation to the RSPB.

No idea how somebody would get their address to me.


Series 1
Part 1 - 2001-01-05 - Cornwall
Part 2 - 2001-01-12 - Lake District
Part 3 - 2001-01-19 - Speyside (minus start)
Part 4 - 2001-01-26 - Liverpool
Part 5 - 2001-02-02 - Dorset
Part 6 - 2001-02-09 - Northumberland
Series 2
Part 1 - 2002-01-04 - Scilly
Part 2 - 2002-01-11 - Dartmoor
Part 3 - 2002-01-18 - Hebrides
Part 4 - 2002-01-25 - Wiltshire (minus start)
Part 5 - 2002-02-01 - North Norfolk
Part 6 - 2002-02-08 - New Forest
Part 7 - 2002-02-15 - Wicken Fen
Part 8 - 2002-03-01 - London
Series 3
Part 1 - 2003-01-10 - Somerset
Part 2 - 2003-01-17 - Tyneside
Part 3 - 2003-01-24 - Norfolk Broads
Part 4 - 2003-01-31 - Kent
Part 5 - 2003-02-07 - South-West Ireland
Part 6 - 2003-02-14 - St Kilda
Part 7 - 2003-02-28 - Loch Lomond
Part 8 - 2003-03-14 - The Best of Bill Oddie Goes Wild
Series 4
Part 1 - 2003-12-07 - Cape Town (Minus end)
Part 2 - 2003-12-14 - Iceland
Part 3 - 2003-12-21 - California

adrian galley said...

Hi Norman,do you still have a copy of bill oddie goes wild as i have none and would love to get hold of them,thanks Adrian

Anonymous said...

I still have the discs but they're 12 to 14 years old so I'm not sure they'll all copy but I'll send whatever does. I've set up a disposable email account you can send your address to.

Fingers crossed with the copying.


adrian galley said...

Thanks Norman,i have sent an email ,it is so kind of you

Urban_Explorer said...

Hi Norman,

Do you still have the Bill Oddie Goes Wild discs?

Would love to get hold of copies! Happy to cover costs / provide discs and in case you don't have i have copies of Birding With Bill Oddie Series 1&2 (the series before Goes Wild)

All the best! Byron.