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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Breydon Caspian Dip X12

Receiving a tweet from Peter A stating there was a Caspian Tern on Breydon, I left immediately but despite getting there quickly by the hide Justin was just watching it flying out of sight as I arrived, I missed it by seconds. Paul and jane had arrived literally seeing the tail end of it at Buckenham. This was my 12th Caspian dip on Breydon, I've seen just 1 Caspian on Breydon ever! One of the reasons why it isn't one of my favourite places. We then went onto Buckenham and I had to take the very long walk from the car park to beyond the mill to look on the pool. An adult Mediterranean Gull with white colour ring was noted as it flew around and swam at the back, apparently a rarity for this location! Around 10 Ruff were seen and 4 Black- tailed Godwit to the right. A Barn Owl perched on the gate by the mill and then was hunting over the fields. A tweet by Dick W stating the bird was still at Breydon at 8.35pm was just typical!!! I then took the long walk back and it was very apparent with the darkening skies, rumble of thunder that the mother of all storms was about to break, I just managed to get back to the car before the rain started to lash down like a petulant child throwing water away. As I drove the skies darkened further and the rain came down in torrents turning roads into gushing rivers and lightening punctuating the sky, the energy causing the sky to brighten like a light turned on brefly in a darkened room. great forks of lightening were seen regularly either side of the car and driving along the A47 towards Yarmouth a particularly violent lightening forked to the ground lighting up the sky accompanied a second later by a deafening crash of thunder.


Paul Woolnough said...

Parked at Buckenham station RSPB car park at 505pm and walked down track. Large tern flew in front of hide east towards mill at 510. It was the Caspian.

The only car in the car park when I arrived belonged to Paul and Jane. Rang them, Was it now by the mill? No it had carried on east.

Justin left for Breydon on spec!

Tweet when back at car. Caspian at Breydon. Insufficent time to get from Buckenham car park to Breydon via ASDA. My Breydon record two Caspian terns 1998 and 2006 out of six twitches.

Watching the roseate terns at the fifth groyne much better. Thanks for precise directions. Lizard tick and second Suffolk reoord after Minsmere roseate in 2001.

Paul Woolnough said...

Med gull a Yare Valley mega. Never seen one there. Just as well I left work promptly and saw the tern go past!

Colin Jacobs said...

I'm Back in Lowestoft, living here for good so may bump into you mate. Got the Little Owl today at Cm.

Peter Ransome said...

Glad you got the Roseates OK Paul!

Peter Ransome said...

Colin, great news that your back in Lowestoft. The Little owl is a cracker.