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Monday, 22 August 2011

Covehithe Waderfest!

Yesterday, Sunday 21st August, we went to Covehithe Broad with Jenny's family and had a very pleasant time there, Jenny and family relaxing on the beach and I was able to look at quite a variety of waders.
When we first reached the beach, a Little Egret was seen in the inlet and 2 Greenshank and then walking around a little further I saw 3 and then 5 Curlew Sandpipers feeding on the mud by the closest island, longer legged, longer bodied elegant birds with a yellowish wash to their breast indicating that they were immatures, 2 Dunlin were also with them. As I marvelled at these elegant migrants from Siberia, a flock of 12 Ruff, brownish tinged, there appeared to be 5 males (larger birds than the females- the reeves) flew in and settled and slightly later on 9 grey dumpy winter- plumaged Knot flew in too, settling just to the right of the Ruff and the Curlew Sands.
Scanning the back of the broad, I counted up to 8 Green Sandpiper. I also counted at the back a total of 5 Greenshank (including the 2 previously seen that flew back to join them).
5 avocet were also seen including 3 brown- tinged immatures.
Looking south I could see a Great black backed Gull in the water close in and next to it and auk even closer in, scoping I I'Ded it as a winter plumaged Guillemot and I walked about 1/2 mile south following the birds as it steadily paddled south and was able to obtain some good pictures of it, especially when it swam close to the shore line, barely 30 foot away.
Skeins of 100 and 30 Barnacle Geese flew north and then inland by the Broad.
Later I met a couple who had also seen Wood Sandpiper, looking amongst the Gulls I also picked out an immature Sandwich Tern and an adult winter Mediterranean Gull. Near the inlet where the egrets usually are, a Wood Sandpiper steadily walked behind a reedy island. Finally 2 Bar- tailed Godwit flew south away.
Jake spotted a Grey Seal and I briefly spotted it poking its dog-like triangular head out of the water on the sea.
Finally a Little Egret flew south over the walk to the end of the cliff from Covehithe church, just east of the farm a female Migrant Hawker flew up and settled on a tree, the yellow "T" could clearly seen on her thorax.

Last Sunday 14th August I briefly noted both Brown Hawker and Migrant Hawker in the garden, with up to 12 Green bottle flies on the Pagoda on Tuesday 16th August. On Saturday 20th August and Sunday 21st August up to 3 small Frogs seen either on the Lily pads of the garden pond or the spikes of the Water Soldier. Still up to 30 7 Spot Ladybirds encountered in the garden too.


Paul Woolnough said...

Covehithe the place to be saturday too!
6 knot; 5 curlew sand; 3 green sand; 3 greenshank; 2 wood sand and spotshank. Two bearded tits and water rail on the reed edge, in view.

Popular with families seeking a quiet sandy beach. Four cars when I arrived. Many more when I left.

Peter Ransome said...

Well done on the Spotshank Paul, didn't see any on my visit. Great place for waders, better than Minsmere at present!