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Sunday, 20 January 2019

Scoters & Divers off Gorleston Cliffs

On Friday 4th January, a lunchtime twitch I managed to see the fine group of 5 Velvet Scoters, from off the south end of Gorleston cliffs. The Velvets were with a female Common Scoter just to the left of them in front of a large container ship on the sea. Also on the sea were 5 Red- throated Divers in the same area and an additional 3 singleton Red- throated Divers flew south just past the flock too. All these Divers seen within the space of 3 minutes, a great 30 minute lunchtime excursion!

New Year's Day birding

On January 1st, a new start to a new year, not sure entirely where to view the roosting Cattle Egrets so as I was there at first light I stayed at the main car park and didn't see a lot! Met Danny P further down the main track and we saw a hunting Barn Owl, but that was it. Next stop was The Drive at redone, where a Mistle Thrush perched in a tree caught my attention initially I managed a couple of pics, I saw the 2 fine Waxwing in trees opposite and a crouching danny getting ready to get his dig- shots, a bonus was 5 Redwing that flew in and showed reasonably well too. Enjoyed a phenomenal lunch courtesy of Danny P as the Walberswick tea rooms and then at Leiston Leisure centre followed Danny as I was again not sure where that was exactly although I could have found it easily as it was very well signed from Leiston, I wonder if the signs were done by Carlsberg??! 9(2imm) Bewick's Swan stood in the middle of a ploughed flied just south of the Leisure centre and the ominous construction of a yet another housing plot. At RSPB North Warren the 2 Spoonbill showed well viewed from the second new Northerly hide, Craig S joined us and we also saw 9 White- fronted Geese seen at North Warren, where we also added several Pintail and Black- tailed Godwit as well as Wigeon, Teal to the day's tally. No sign of anything at Ness Point late on. Thanks to Danny, Emma L & Gary L for their company today, too- but dipped Cattle Egrets, Shag & Purple Sand early & late at Lowestoft.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Scoter flocks

On Saturday December 29th, 5 Velvet Scoter (which looked like 3 males and 2 females) in a separate flock just in front of the larger 90+ Common Scoter flock still 3.30pm, but distant from the end of the Coast rd, Hopton. Thanks to James B for directions of where to park.

Boxing day birds

On Wednesday December 26th, on the journey over Llanstadwell, up to 4 Red Kite flew over the A48. A trip down to Llanstadwell near Pembroke, sitting in the sitting room I overlooked the estuary and this overlooked the river and a Diver, a large Diver swam past, I thought it was a Great Northern, in retrieving my tripod I scoped and it was indeed an excellent Great Northern Diver, which then dived. Also on the shoreline was a Greenshank, Shelduck and around 6 Dunlin also a Curlew. 15 Mute Swan were seen in a marshy bit too.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Cymisfael stream

On 24th December a Kingfisher seen flying away from the second bridge, 4(2male and 2female) Bullfinches all perched briefly on one bush before flying off, male Sparrowhawk, Nuthatch(h) and Treecreeper seen. On 25th December quite with a group of Long- tailed Tits, 2 Wren (individuals) seen by the Cymisfael stream by the "Dipper" (no sign of Dippers though) bridge, Grey Wagtail seen later over Llandarrog church & female Sparrowhawk flew low over rd. Raven seen on journey too and 230 Starling seen at Brodawel field, Llanddarog + 7 Song Thrush, 6 Robin & Goldcrest on disappointing Xmas day visit to Cymisfael stream.

Quintet of Purple Sands & Minsmere visit for bird report

On December 20th, 5 Purple Sandpiper (my highest tally this winter so far- not difficult when I'd only seen 1 before!) on the finger at Ness Point this afternoon then 3 of their number on rocks just south of there. On Dec 22nd, at Minsmere, a look around the reserve after purchasing the Suffolk Birds report for 2017 included no Whoopers sadly behind the south hide. Birds seen from East scrape included a 1st winter Caspian Gull, 4 Pink- footed Geese over the far side on the extreme left hand of the island almost obscured by the Greylags, around 4 Dunlin seen too. A Female Sparrowhawk flying low and south over the scrape scattered most of the birds. In the North bushes, 4 Redwing, a Song Thrush and Blackbird.

Monday, 17 December 2018

Filby Broad

A look at Filby Broad on Sunday 16th December failed to reveal the Smew typically, 3 female Goldeneye seen right at the back (north- west corner and 3 Pochard (2 males and female) again at the back. A walk over to Ormsby broad I was accompanied by a low feeding Marsh Tit in the alder plus 5 Long- tailed Tits and Goldcrest. Looking out over the broad saw a close Common Gull and several Marsh Harriers, 1 a female type with red tags "PD" on it and another with green tags. Saw Tony S and he spotted 2 female Goosanders flew in from the south and landed on the water just in front of the cafe to the south east. The redhead them swam right and out of sight. The up to 3 Buzzards were seen including 1 very pale bird and they flew over the Broad and over our heads.