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Monday, 22 April 2019

North Denes Iberian Chiff- Chaff

On Easter Monday April 22nd, a BINS tweet at 9.41am had me driving to North Parade and walking down the steps behind the Oval, I bumped into Rob Win, who had just seen the bird and after a brief chat I made my way to where Andrew, Rob and the 2 Fergusons who had beaten me to it again despite living south of the bridge! The bird could immediately be heard and was seen well in the sycamore directly in front of us, a superb Iberian Chiff- Chaff.

Garden Orange Tip

On Easter Sunday in the morning a fine Orange Tip flew around the garden at around 11.30am.

Filby Broad Arctic Terns

On Good Friday 21st April, at around 11am a close Buzzard almost flew over the garden flying north over next doors garden and very low too, yo. On Easter Saturday afternoon 22nd April, having rested my eyes over Easter due to severe eye strain (need new prescription glasses) looking at Filby broad, unfortunately looking straight into the Sun, not the best thing to do with severe eye strain especially! I could see 13 Terns flying over the west side of the Broad. At least 3 were definitely Arctic Terns and probably another 8 were too and 2 Common Terns. The other 8 looked more Arctic like flying (smaller with long tail streamers and translucent primaries on at least 3) a more bouncy flight but difficult to ascertain given the direction of the sun. Mat Sh was the other side looking back in perfect light for him (not sure how you get around there) and he confirmed there were 11 Arctics and 2 Commons. I could not make out the Scaup at all all the ducks were looking light silhouettes looking almost directly into the sun. A walk over to Ormsby Little Broad, 2 Common Terns flew east. At the jetty, a Great crested Grebe swam in, a close Coot and Blue Tit showed too.

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Gunton Migrants

On Tuesday 16th April, following a tweet from James W, I headed over on the early evening to Gunton and from the woodland burial looked north from the newly installed fence and saw a wonderful stunning male Redstart pop put and perch on the fence and mud on the ground. I was joined by Rob Wil, Maurice B, Andrew E and James W. Behind us on the woodland burial and reasonably confiding Wheatear hung around a rough scrapped area of ground too.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

Double dip day

On Sunday 14th in the early afternoon, I tried for the GG Shrike near Thorington around the Church Farm area just off the A12 and there was no sign of it 2 Mistle Thrushes flying into the large trees by the road side only birds seen. At Rockland Broad once I'd worked out where to go (good there was a map giving directions at the site) on the walk down I heard my first Blackcap of the year and 1 additional heard from the hide too. Failed to see any Ospreys but a calling Greenshank that flew south right over the hide was nice as was the Spoonbill flying east over the Broad called by OFB, Maurice B and earlier John B & Julie B seen earlier). Still awaiting more summer migrant sightings, Swallows in particular are conspicuous by their absence.

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Standard North Denes fare

James W thought it was disappointing his after his walk around the Ness Point and Gunton yet he had 2 each of Black Redstarts (a species I still need to see for 2019) and 2 RLP's on the Oval I didn't see any of that. On Sunday 7th April, still suffering from a heavy cold, sore eyes etc and not energetic enough to do the marathon for the peripatetic Hoopoe either side of around the north and south dunes at Winterton, so instead in the afternoon, standard birding around the North Denes which these days means not a lot about. Best for me were 3 Kittiwakes over Hamilton Dock and 12 Linnet in the Ting Dene caravan park development on land which was so supposed to be North Denes land for "light recreational use" as clearly stated in the Local Plan (ie. tents being put up but not developed with permanent mobile phones and underground pipes for water etc) use.

Saturday, 6 April 2019

Elusive Bluethroat at Herringfleet Marshes

On Saturday 6th April, feeling very much under the weather with a streaming cold, I finally managed to overcome my lethargy and at 3.30pm I was at Herringfleet Marshes having parked in my secret spot and walking up to the spot half way between the pub and Smock's Mill and a group of birders around 5 were leaving they had just seen it and it had flown down the path, typical! An hour and a half later still nothing and all the birders left. At 5.40pm just after the last birder had left, I saw a bird with chestnut outer-tail feathers fly down the mowed bit between the path and the ditch, clearly this was the White- spotted Bluethroat, only problem was I couldn't re-find it, it had appeared to land in the mown bit between the path and the reeds but I couldn't see it. Exactly an hour later at 6.40-6.42pm, it was seen moving quickly around the mown area, just 30 yards south of the first wet puddle area and this time I could clearly see it the blue on the breast and the tiny white spot in the middle before flying back into the reeds behind the mown area and it was not seen again. It was very misty and with wet missle most of the time, so the only other birds I saw were Teal, Little Egret and 3 Reed Buntings by the reeds and a Chinese Water Deer was further down the track as I walked back. I spent 2.5 hours there and saw the bird for 2.2 minutes. Chiff- Chaff also heard. Driving along the road just before almost passing Somerleyton Hall I almost ran over a Hare but my prompt reaction and quick braking enabled me to avoid it, and it ran over to the wall.