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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Brown Hawker in the garden today

Still having a prodigous amount of work to do today, Saturday 12th July plus the fact I badly stubbed my toe on the cat's scratching post in the hallway (but fortunately no Beckham style broken metatarsal bone so need for any orthopaedic advice at work!) I was hobbling around and couldn't get out, certainly not walking down to Carlton Marshes scrape. I turned my attentions to the garden, in a break from my Library Quality Assessment Framework work that I need to submit by the end of the month. I was delighted to see Ringlet & Small Tortoiseshell butterflies in the garden and the superb Brown Hawker seen in flight late morning rested on the wooden horizontal beam of the pagoda as the sun shone directly on it from late afternoon, my best shots were taken at a slight side angle to the Odonata where the fine female Brown Hawker settled and allowed a few shots before she flew off.


Marc Heath said...

Thats a lovely Brown Hawker shot, something I have never managed in years as you will see on my Website:

Peter Ransome said...

Thanks Mark for your kind comments. I'm just lucky that we tend to get Brown Hawkers regularly resting on the garden Pagoda late afternoon/ evening if the sun is shining. You have some cracking shots of Dragonflies on your website, including the Brown Hawker shot.