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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Goosey Goosander

Looking east from Lound causeway, I noticed around 100 Greylag Geese asleep, as I scanned through the flock (all birds sat down and most asleep) I noticed a smaller bird with paler mouse brown back of head and what appeared to be a patch of orange where the leg was. A pale blue car, drove along the approach road and I could see Andrew E and Jane F on the offside of the car with presumably Rob Wil and Paul F on the nearside!) Eventually the bird woke and lifted its head up to reveal a pink bill and white band at the base of the bill, it was the White- fronted Goose. I rang Andrew E, and they hadn't spotted it but was eventually able to put them onto the bird which was in the middle of the flock. The bird was fast asleep but twice more briefly lifted its head before tucking it under again. The whole flock then stood up and walked south a few yards the thick black lower breast band seen on the White- front. At Ormesby Little Broad, disappointingly, shooting was taking place, but good to see Joan & Ken S, Ted & Neil M and regular correspondent Paul W. So no sign of the Smew and Scaup. Walking back, 3 female Goldeneye seen, they flew south and onto Filby Broad. On Filby broad, a total of 17 Goldeneye seen 8 resplendent male and 9 females seen including a flock of 11 (with 5 male in flight flying east! A Kingfisher flew east right in front of us by the bridge and the Norfolk visitor (would I be the Suffolk visitor today?) did really well to pick out a female Goosander swimming east by the far end reeds in front of a stand of poplars on the band just beyond the far edge of the broad. Later saw Ricky F briefly before heading back home for lunch. As I got out of the car I heard a Bullfinch flying west directly over the house and the seconds later heard a Redwing flying west over the house too.


Paul Woolnough said...

The elusive smew did not show, not helped by the shooters and fishermen. Third sightings of goosander and kingfisher of 2013!

Cut my losses and went and bagged the American wigeon back at Marlingford again. Little more than seven miles from home for me.

Wothh seeing if a trip to Norwich or West Norfolk (avoiding Norwich)is planned. Take the B1108 turn off Norwich southen bypass. Left then right and down hill into Bawburgh. Over bridge and left. Up the the end of the road and left. Wigeon flock viewable from road by private track. View from the road only. Easy access to A47 west of Norwich.

Peter Ransome said...

Thanks Paul, might give it a go if I'm that way.