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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Showy Southern Hawker

Whilst resting my foot in the lounge, I noticed a large Hawker Dragonfly flying around the garden and hobbling outside with some difficulty, I spotted the dragonfly nip into some bushes by the wildlife pond at 2.10pm, investigating I was delighted to find a female Southern Hawker Dragonfly perched on one of the lower stems just 3 foot of the ground just left of the wildlife pond. It obviously found this spot to it's liking as the Southern Hawker stayed here until dusk (6.30pm) at least. I managed to get some shots, albeit in a very restricted position (with a sore foot) and in very, very poor light. Seen right at the end of its flight period, I just hope she has been oviposting in the garden pond and there will future generations growing as larvae underneath the water? Whilst taking the pictures, I was forced to use ISO 1600, even with flash! I also noticed this Common Carder Bee showing well on the Runner Bean plant leaf. Thanks to Danny P for the ID!


Danny Porter said...

Hi Peter,

Its a common carder bee!

Nice spot and pic!

Peter Ransome said...

Thanks Danny, I wasn't at all sure!