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Monday, 4 April 2011

Lowestoft Dipping & Dicing with Death!

A visit to Link's road car park very early in the morning and check of the North beach revealed nothing, indeed I haven't seen the Iceland Gull for several weeks now (last seen by me 12 March). If I'd stayed 2 hours I would have seen the WT eagle that flew over, but work beckoned.
A brief check at Breydon south shore at lunchtime after just receiving a BINS message that was 2 hours too late (!!), informing me that the WT Eagle had just been seen at Breydon revealed little, save for travellers camping near the car park with Rottweillers and Bull Terriers which didn't encourage me to stay for long. I've learnt to be very wary as I have been bitten before by traveller's dogs (during the fair near the Lowestoft netposts one Easter, where you all saw your Isabelline Wheatear last year, guess who didn't see it!), attacked by a Bull Terrier at Fisher Row which kept charging into me and a Rottweiller attacked me once on Hounslow Heath pulling me to the ground, luckily I escaped unhurt but very shaken! No apology from the owner whatsoever. I do not have a prejudice against dogs and even like the ones that don't attack me or bark at me. I have even been shot at by travellers whilst birdwatching in Donkey Wood near Feltham in West London.

I hope this isn't the start of my infamous dipping sequences as I have now missed Cattle Egret and WT Eagle in the local area over the last few days. Sounds ominously like a start of very long dipping sequence. 


Colin Jacobs said...

Best way to deal with dogs is a firm boot up the arse!

loungedweller said...
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Peter Ransome said...

Thanks, I'll bear that in mind!

Paul Woolnough said...

Another dip
Sardinian Warbler briefly in Hopton. Only two previous one day only Suffolk records.

Oh well have seen four in Norfolk!