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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Usual lack of success at Sotterley

No posts for a while as I have been working a lot (trying to stay in a job!) and when I have been out I have just not been seeing any birds of note over the past few weeks.
Last Thursday lunchtime (time was very limited) I tried from the bung at Fritton woods for the Ross' but the only Geese I saw were 16 Greylag fly past.
A look at Sotterley at just after midday failed as usual, (this site has always been very disappointing as I have only ever seen 1 Hawfinch here ever and no LSW's either) as I failed to see any Hawfinches there at all, despite searching for 2 hours
Nuthatch heard and 1 Treecreeper and Redwing seen.
The final ignomany was a message sent round on BINS stating 2 Hawfinch seen at the Church at midday!!


Paul Woolnough said...
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Paul Woolnough said...

Should have come along a me as they say in Norfolk. I kept up my 50 per cent Sotterley hawfinch record with a brief singleton in the tree tops south east of the church. Sat 29 Jan late am.

Had what appeared to be a glaucous gull with the North Warren taiga beans. Great white egret and Minsmere smew and bewicks.

Paul Woolnough said...

Tundra not taiga beans! Already deleted one comment because of incorrect details for the hawfinch.

Egret distant at Thorpeness Meare. It stood still as I ate my sandwiches and walked out of sight before I put my scope on it

Peter Ransome said...

great, well done Paul, I'll try again at sotterley at the weekend!