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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Showy Iceland & Purple Sand

Arriving bright and early at Ness Point, following a look around the Gunton estate for non- existant Waxwings, there was no repeat of yesterday as the Iceland wasn't there. However there was 1 very close Purple sandpiper feeding on the seaweed encrusted shelf of old seawall a metre away from the "compass." At times the waves brought it even closer, so the bird was seen down to a foot away! The very bright glare of the sun made photography a little difficult as half the bird was bathed in bright sunlight whilst the other was shrouded in dark shadow.
Another Purple Sandpiper stood on rocks just several metres north away too. An adult winter Mediterranean Gull decided to fly around and over our heads too.

Back at Hamilton Dock, the 1st winter Iceland Gull was in the north-east corner seen swimming around all the rubbish and detritus but it was lured towards us by the judicious throwing of bread by Dick. The bird showed really well just metres away from us and flew around for a time before eventually settling on a light on the harbour wall. It then flew over us and perched on the northern edge wall of the dock and we were able to get some pictures of it here too. A Rock Pipit flew over here too.
Birders included Dick W, OFB and we were joined by Rob Wils (the photographer).
meanwhile also in the corner up to 5 and a Purple Sandpiper perched on the tyre whilst another was seen on the rocks half way along the north wall of the dock.
One sharp eyed observer spied a Pink- footed Goose way over on the far side by the rock and pipes just down from the sheds but the Goose soon walked out of sight! 

A very pleasant afternoon tour of Ellough revealed a Hare lying low in the field and another Hare was doing exactly the same in the field just west along the Mutford to Hulver road, where a stunning male Bullfinch flew in only to be scared off by a truck driving past seconds later. Back along the road from Oakes Farm back to the main road, 2 Bullfinces, a male and female flew and perched very briefly, finally a look in this field revealed 5 Red- legged Partridge.

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