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Friday, 24 September 2010

Fly Agarics

Lunchtime on Thursday 23rd September (1.15- 1.50pm) saw me belatedly visiting a local woodland area, with the recent warm and muggy summery weather in the hope of locating Adders basking (see the April 2010 posts) in the warm September sun. Sadly, the weather had deteriorated and grey clouds led to light rain.
In the end, I didn't leave the car park area, as I found a circle of 5 wonderful Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria) mushrooms. 
I have kept the location secret as they are in a publicly accessible site & I do not wish them to be collected.
A warning for those hoping to get a hallucinogenic high from them, they are not the so called magic mushrooms. These mushrooms could be poisonous if ingested and cause serious health problems! 
They had red rounded tops with white speckles on them. They were under a big Pine tree but sadly the area they were in was literally soiled by dog excrement and 2 empty beer bottles & broken glass strewn about, absolutely vile and disgusting! Why can't some people respect their natural environment?
Choosing where I stood, very carefully I photographed several of the Fly Agarics, but badly cut my finger, probably on some broken glass as the blood was flowing profusely. I finally managed to stem the flow of blood and complete the photography. As I was about to leave, a confiding Common Frog leapt into view at the base of the tree and posed nicely for photo's. I then had to leave as my time was up!

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