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Monday, 26 July 2010

Return of the Migrants

On Saturday 24th I saw the first of the returning Migrant Hawkers with one seen by the boardwalk at Corton sewage works pool and one in the garden. I checked them carefully out just in cast they were the very rare Southern Migrant Hawkers seen this weekend in Essex & Kent but sadly I wasn't able to add to that illustrious list.
Gatekeepers, Red Admiral & Large White, a Migrant Hawker plus 4 Silver Y moths were seen in the garden on the Sunday 25th. Sadly, the return of something else much less welcome, a double migraine put paid to the rest of the weekend.


Tony nile life said...

I picked you up from another blog
seems we have the same interests,
you can pick up all my blogs on Egypt + its wildlife
with links to my posts on birds, dragons , bugs and plants in Egypt.
egypttours blog is on the tombs and temples in egypt.
I Like your blog by the way

Peter Ransome said...

Thanks for your kind comments Tony.
Yes we do have very similar interests as apart from wildlife, I find all things Ancient Egyptian fascinating.
I have visited Egypt twice, once doing the Nile cruise, where I saw a lot of birds along the way and the other time basing myself at Cairo & Luxor. Would love to visit again soon.
I'm impressed with all the pics you've got on your website and particularly liked the shots of the Red- throated Pipit.