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Saturday, 9 January 2010

And then there were two or was that five!

The 3 Redwing were still in the garden attracted as ever by the berries on the Holly bush and they were joined briefly by a Song Thrush. They still haven't looked at the apples! A Wren also spent some time in the garden as well as the usual Greenfinch, Blue Tit, 3 Blackbirds, 2 Dunnock and up to 3 Chaffinch.
A big flock of 20 Redwing flew over and perched in very distant trees bordering the far southern end of the Orchid meadow, up to 4  chuckling Fieldfares flew overhead and several others were heard but not seen.
As 3 Redwing flew south- west over the garden one of my 3 Redwings flew up high and joined them flying south- west way over Parkhill Hotel grounds.
At lunchtime at 12.15pm I was absolutely delighted to finally see a magnificent dumpy Woodcock flying around Fallowfields, a first seen from the garden. Just after this, the purple patch continued with a sighting of male House Sparrow (very much a rarity in this garden) perched in the middle tree at the back. In a subsequent investigation of Fallowfields, I saw the Woodcock flying circling the area and it dropped down and was able to see it running in the snow-covered ground near the Hotel grounds fence. As I walked back, leaving it, a sudden gust of wind must have spooked it as it flew over the fence.

Late afternoon update: The Redwing total has now increased to 5, as before 1 or 2 regularly fly to the Holly bush but increasingly the birds are foraging for food under bushes where this minimal or no snow cover. Obviously after worms and other goodies (no, not Bill Oddie!) Under the cover of darkness I will sprinkle this area liberally with meal worms.
2 further House Sparrows, both female have been seen on the fatball feeders making a grand total of 3 seen today because the bird seen earlier was a male. 2 Starlings who came in late afternoon to feed on the fat balls.

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