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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Speckled Bush Cricket on back door!

On Thursday 20th August at 10pm, I noticed an interesting insect on the back door. It is a Speckled Bush Cricket (?) Here is the pic of it for any entomologists to confirm or decry this identification. It was green with a thin brown line along the arch of the back and fine red speckling on it. It had a small rounded red area behind the head on the upper abdomen. It was about 2 inches long (body only). Please see accompanying pic. It moved around the door and finally dropped off at about 10.30pm. Earlier in the day at 8.30am, 4 charming Long- tailed Tits calling frequented the bushes just underneath the lounge window and just 1 double- glazed pane of glass separated me from these delightful birds. On Wednesday 19th August, no definitive sighting of the Purple Heron at Carlton Marshes seen, the Barn Owl as usual was hunting the far dykes and a Curlew flew north over the reserve.


James Emerson said...

Hi Peter.

Yes you are right, it's a Speckled Bush-cricket. They are flightless, so it would have dropped or jumped away. The only other all-green cricket you are likely to see locally is the Oak Bush-cricket, which is longer and narrower and has fully-formed wings (it is attracted to light, so sometimes seen on outdoor lights or at moth traps). The closely-related Coneheads are also green, but with a brown stripe all the way along the back.



Peter Ransome said...

Thanks James, glad to get confirmation of this species. I've seen Long- winged Coneheads in the garden but I look forward to maybe seeing an Oak Bush- cricket in the future perhaps?