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Monday, 17 October 2011

Landguard Booted & Corton Shrike

On Sunday 16th October, Ricky F rang and asked if I wanted a lift down to Landguard Point to see the Booted/ Sykes Warbler.
We were soon heading down there together with OFB.
At the Point itself, which was bathed in strong sunlight, we walked over to the southern side beyond the compound to be informed the bird had been caught and it would be processed and then shown to us briefly. A Pipit which had been seen on the ground was labelled by other either an OBP or a RTP, a group of birders walked slowly towards where it had last been seen and a Tree Pipit flew up calling "teez" as it flew east and out to sea. it would be processed and then shown to us briefly before being realised. Half an hour later, Nigel O, strolled out from the compound clutching a cream bag with the bird in it. He held the bird up, a superb Booted Warbler for a few minutes and I was able to obtain a few shots before it was released in the garden. It flew to the bush at the back, where it sat in the sunlight for five minutes, although it's head was obscured by branches. It then flew over the garden wall and showed well in the fir for 10 minutes or so before flying around the back.
The Booted then flew towards the tamarisk on the southern edge of the compound and flitted around near the top but frustratingly it was never in full view before it flew to another tamarisk just north again on the edge of the compound. The Booted Warbler showed near the top of the tamarisk on a bare branch on the extreme left hand end. It later flew back to the tamarisk on the southern corner and then showed well near the top of the tamarisk bush.

Back at Corton at 5.30pm I parked in the car park by the church, I met a couple of birders who I had seen last at the Sandhill Crane twitch on Sunday. I had arrived just too late and they were concerned that I had missed the bird. I had dipped the bird that night but I had seen it the next day, it was nice of them to ask.
I walked across the green and could see the excellent Great Grey Shrike perched on bare branches on top of the hedge, running parallel with and just west of the western perimeter fence. It then flew towards the old sewage works and perched on the fence flying down occasionally on the ground. It was really good to see Steve S and Dot here too.
As the sun was setting I had a last look at the Shrike which still perched on the fence and it appeared to go to roost by flying down into a large bush within the compound.

At 12.30am Monday morning a Tawny Owl hooted several times from a north westerly direction of the house somewhere just on the perimeter of thee Close.

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