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Monday, 3 August 2009

Two by two & deja vu!

2 female Migrant Hawkers were seen in the garden this evening hawking for food, one of them perched for some time of the wooden pagoda, whilst 2 Painted Lady butterflies also sunned themselves too.
Whilst relaying a tale to a work colleague this morning about being stung by a Wasp for no apparent reason when it alighted onto my finger whilst I was in Norwich market place yesterday, I heard an irritating buzzing noise near my left ear and I swotted the offending insect away, it was another Wasp and it got its revenge by stinging me on the neck!!

1 comment:

Terry said...

Hi Peter,

Call me a pedant but you don't get 'bitten' by a wasp..!

That's bad luck getting stung twice.. if you think of them as Honey Buzzard food, they turn from nasty 'good for nothing' insects to a popular part of our ecosystem! :-)