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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Advance Colonists?

There has been an upswing in records of Penduline Tits this winter. I finally managed to see them myself yesterday (Saturday 21st) at Walberwick where 2 fine resplendant males fed on bulrushes.
Typically, the first sign of them was drifting fluff flew off the Reed Mace. It was a treat too, to hear their very high pitched whistling calls. Also present on the walk were a party of 5 "tpinging" Bearded Tits, another reedbed specialist. 3 female Marsh harriers quartered the reedbeds too.
I only managed distant shots as you will see shortly.
Today in the garden, I was treated to very confiding views of the female Green Woodpecker as she probed the lawn for food in the early morning.  
The Marsh Marigolds around the garden pond are flowering bringing an early splash of colour to the garden. The Chiff- Chaff was still singing regularly yesterday, too.


Paul Woolnough said...

I like the picture of the single penduline tit.

I ended the day at Minmsere and saw all three divers. Yes a great northern as well as loitering black-throated diver offshore with red-throats.

Peter Ransome said...

Thanks Paul for your kind comments, the picture of the Penduline Tit was taken from some distance away with a 500mm lens and is heavily cropped so it could have been better. They're some much better pics on Surfbirds! You did well to see all 3 Diver species off Minsmere, you obviously had a good day. As far as I know the Oulton Broad Black-throat is still on Oulton Broad usually on the western end viewable from the Yacht club.